2023 NP Ride HD

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NEILPRYDE Windsurf sail Ryde HD 2023

  • Sizes: 5.7 / 6.2 / 6.7 / 7.2 / 7.7
  • Discipline: Freeride

NeilPryde's most user-friendly and affordable freeride sail. The Ryde offers fun windsurfing in its purest form. Quick to rig and light in the hands, it is a stable, smooth sail designed to build confidence in gybes, waterstarts and straight-line speed.

Equally comfortable on fin or foil, the wide wind range and range of use will allow you to enjoy every session right from the word go.

Riding features

  • Wide Range of Use - Step into faster flat water blasting with the Ryde. With 1 more batten than the Fusion and a slightly racier outline and luff-curve, Ryde is your entry ticket to fast, planing gybes, easy water starts and speed and control in higher winds.
  • Ease of Use - Stable profile, light weight, easy rigging, water starting and jibing. Ryde is sure to get you out on the water as quickly as possible and let you enjoy every session to the full.
  • Foil or Fin - Equally at home on fin or foil, Ryde is also comfortable on any freeride board from the Freestyle Wave to the Super Sport.
  • 6 Batten Layout - 6 batten layout to provide a stable base, comfortable power and control in high wind with medium to high downhaul tension applied.
  • No Cams - No cams for the quickest possible rigging and easy waterstarting and gybing.

NEILPRYDE Windsurf sail Ryde HD 2023 - Construction details

Construction details

Ryde features custom, internally laminated upper panels for bright colours which last, and continuous luff construction which is shared across NP's no-cam Freeride range.

The upper panels feature INTERNALLY PRINTED LAMINATED FILM to produce the crispest, most responsive feeling and bright colours which will stand the test of time.

A continuous X-Ply luff panel combines excellent stitch holding properties, for added strength in this extremely high-load area of the sail, with the responsive performance that using a single panel with no cross-stitching provides.

X-Ply centre window in HD provides strongest Freeride sail construction.

Area (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast selection Base (cm) Cams Battens Vario top Weight (kg) Discipline
5.7 416 178 Ideal: 400 RDM /
alt. 430 RDM
16 / 2 6 4.00 Freeride
6.2 432 184 Ideal: 430 RDM / SDM /
alt. 400 RDM
2 / 32 6 4.10 Freeride
6.7 452 190 Ideal: 430 RDM / SDM 22 6 4.30 Freeride
7.2 464 199 Ideal: 430 RDM / SDM /
alt. 460 RDM/SDM
34 6 4.50 Freeride
7.7 476 208 Ideal: 460 SDM /
alt. 430 SDM
16 / 46 6 4.80 Freeride

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2023 NP Ride HD

839,00 € 462,00 €