2024 Cabrinha DRIFTER

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SURF / FREESTYLE SURF 3-strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design. 


Often imitated, but never equaled, the Drifter remains the go to kite for anything to do with waves on directional boards.

As the name suggests, the kite is synonymous with it’s Drift ability.  Put it in position and ride down the line, the kite gives you the confidence to concentrate on the wave ahead instead of having to fly the kite.

But the Drifter offers much more than that. The first production kite to be triple looped, the Drifter is also at home in the air.

This Lite Series kite is the most reactive Drifter kite to date, allowing you to put the kite where you want it in the air, no matter what style of riding you are doing.

Whether you are taking to the skies for Strapless Big Air, charging down the line on a screaming point break or ripping wind swell, the Drifter will always deliver.

  • HTD Lite: Lightweight ultra rigid Dacron
  • Low elongation bridle for improved reactive feel
  • Sprint 3.0
  • Ultralite bladders for an overall lighter weight kite
  • Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness 
  • Slackline drift for down-the-line surfing
  • Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers 
  • Pure profile panels for efficient aerodynamics

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2024 Cabrinha DRIFTER