Terms of delivery of goods:

Goods are delivered in Lithuania within 1-4 days.

Delivery methods:

1. DELIVERY to the XPRO store at S. Žukausko 39, Vilnius on 1-3 days. Delivery is free. 2. DELIVERY to XPRO store Pramonės 15, Kaunas 1-3 days. Delivery is free. 3. DELIVERY to post office 1-4 d.d. Delivery EUR 2.99. 4. DELIVERY with DPD courier 1-4 days. Delivery EUR 4.99.

Terms of return/exchange of goods:

1. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within fourteen days. The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the buyer receives the ordered product. The return of items takes place in accordance with 2001. June 29 By order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania no. 217 "On the approval of the rules for returning and exchanging items". The buyer's request to return or exchange the goods shall be satisfied if the items have not been used, are not damaged, their usable properties have been preserved, they have not lost their commercial appearance and they have the original attached labels. The buyer must have proof of purchase. If the Buyer decides to terminate the contract and informs the Seller about it, the Buyer cannot use the product. If it is determined that the product has been used (used), damaged, has lost its usable properties or is without the original attached labels, the Seller refuses to fulfill the request for termination of the contract. The buyer returns the goods with his own transport to the address specified by the seller and covers the return costs. The seller returns the amounts paid for the goods to the buyer no later than fourteen days from the day he received the buyer's notice of withdrawal from the contract. There are no refunds for the provided transport service. Refunds are made using the payment method used by the buyer for the original payment transaction. The buyer must hand over the goods to the seller immediately and no later than within fourteen days from the date of the notification of withdrawal from the contract. The seller does not refund the sums paid to the buyer until the goods are returned.

How to return goods?

If you don't like the product, you can:

  1. Change to another size;
  2. Change to another model;
  3. Recover the money paid for the goods.
  • Returns/exchanges are available if the item:

    • It is unused, undamaged, has not lost its commercial appearance;
    • It has the same set as the buyer received it;
    • In original packaging;
    • With original labels and original affixed labels;
    • Delivered with purchase documents;
    • There is a completed return form;

    You can also download the return/exchange request form here - return form

    2. Send the completed return form to
    • It is necessary to specify the following data: buyer's name/surname, order number, name of the returned product, article, size. This is a mandatory condition in order to get money back for returned goods.
    3. Returned or exchanged goods to deliver: 1.1. To physical XPRO stores:
    • S. Žukausko 39, Vilnius
    • Pramones 15, Kaunas
    1. 2. Send by registered mail to:
    • UAB "XPRO group"XPRO GROUP S. Žukausko 39, Vilnius
    • we assume no responsibility for parcels that do not reach our warehouse.
    4. Parcels sent with the condition that the recipient pays or not prepared according to the above requirements will not be accepted by the service center.

    5. When changing the product, for the delivery of the new product you need to pay €4.99 to the "DPD" courier.

    6. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail. by mail: or by phone +370-687-22875 7. The goods are exchanged, returned in accordance with the 2014 regulation of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. July 22 by resolution no. 738 "On approval of retail trade rules" amendment.