LibTech, GNU, ROXY snowboards are now in all XPRO stores! Patented inventions of the MERVIN company producing Libtech, GNU and Roxy snowboards, "Banana", "Magne Traction", "Pickle" caused a revolution in the production of snowboards. The unique inclination of the snowboards (Camber Combo) and the combination of the wavy edge (Magne traction C2BTX) give the boards such skating properties that will not leave indifferent both amateurs and professionals. Thanks to these technologies, snowboards have become significantly more tolerant of mistakes, they have become more versatile, i.e. suitable for both park and loose snow. "Magne traction" edges ensure excellent edging even on icy slopes. SKATE BANANA, CARBON CREDIT, T.RICE PRO C2BTX are snowboard models that have won the most "GOOD WOOD" awards from TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING magazine.

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