Pirštinės Scorpena M, 7ММ

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Tripirštės 7mm pirštinės Scorpena 

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The pattern of SCORPENA Murman mittens was created taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the right and left hands. This reduces the strain on the muscles and increases the comfortable swimming time. Placing three fingers together in the glove significantly reduces heat loss compared to a five-fingered glove.

SCORPENA Murman gloves are made of soft and flexible SHEICO neoprene, glued with the water-based neoprene glue (no chemical solvent). Inside this gloves have metallized coating, which, firstly, allows the neoprene to fit as tightly as possible and secondly, it is easy to put them on, even when it is dry. With the correct size of gloves, the swimmer's hands remain dry while diving. Small dots made of polyurethane, applied to the palms and fingers, it allows you to hold a gun handle, a knife, a flashlight and any other solid and smooth objects under water easily. 

A: Palm length, cm 16,7 17,5 18,2 19 19,8 20,5
B: Middle finger length, cm 7,1 7,5 7,9 8,3 8,7 9,1
C: Palm circumference, cm 18 19,3 20,6 22 23 24
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Pirštinės Scorpena M, 7ММ

32,00 €