Prolimit Predator Steamer Free_X 6/4 Hooded DownAirflex – FTM

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Vyriškas hidrokostiumas su kapišonu 6/4mm

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DownAirflex 500+ Limestone Neoprene


FTM taped seams (fluid taping method)
Airflex 550+ limestone neoprene
YKK V-Back zip
Zodiac2plush inside lining
Velvet Quick dry lining
Water block collar
KED, knee Elongation Design, freedom of movement


6/4 mm



Sleeve length


Pipe Length



Vertical Backzip


Glued Blind Stitched


Zodiac 2 Lining



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The Prolimit Predator Down-Airflex Free-x wetsuit for men is the best suit in our advanced series. The full Airflex 500+ neoprene makes this a very flexible suit and the FTM taped seams make sure that no heat escapes through the stitches and that the stitches are protected. The Zodiac fleece lining on the inside and the 6mm neoprene, keep you warm in extreme conditions. This suit has a fixed hood to keep you warm in freezing conditions.

Down AirFlex

Our newest fabric, water repellent and dry wicking with the feel of down and the maximum stretch of our airflex neoprene. New on our Predator and Flare wetsuits. Softfeel and in combination with the Velvet AirFlex2 lining a unique material.

Airflex 550+ and 300+ Limestone neoprene

We feature 3 types of Airflex neoprene. 300+, 500+ and 550+ stretch. Airflex neoprene is made out of limestone neoprene and by changing the formula of the foaming agents we can determine the stretch in our raw material. Laminating with the different backings is determing the final flex of the panels.

Zodiac2 lining

Zodic Jacquard velvet fleece on the inside, layered with a quick dry thermal fleece for more warmth and comfort. It absorbs the water from the skin, releases quickly and increases comfort.

Velvet AirFlex 550+ & 500+ lining

Softer than ever before, more stretch, comfortable feel and quickdry. Another milestone in wetsuit technology. Clearly recognizable because of the feel… smooth as velvet.

FTM Taped seams

FTM TAPED SEAMS, our Fluid Taping Method seam construction. Triple glued seams with the outside of the seam sealed of by a wider black carbon neoprene seal. The inside of the seam is protected by our glued and blind stitched technology. FTM TAPED SEAMS are durable, watertight and keep their high stretch.

Water based glue

The laminated neoprene sheets are cut into panels and put together to create a neoprene product such as a wetsuit. The lamination of all our wetsuits is done with water based glue, so called aqua-α. Unlike the traditional glue, the water based glue is solvent free and without chemicals (it removes 99% of the impurities). This avoids latex allergies. Don’t worry! Of course the glue will not dissolve in water. We made sure that the glue is as strong as the traditional glue.

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