2022 F4 Wing Lightwind Foil 2000 sq

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Wing Foil | Lightwind | 85cm Aluminum | 2000 sq

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The F4 Wing Lightwind Foil – The Session Saver

Great performance for windwinging in light winds and learning. These wings combines early lift with excellent stability and control.

The 2500 helps the biggest riders to get going in the lightest winds. Smooth, stable and gets going very early easy. The 2000 is a great foil for learning, slow and stable but turns and carvs excellent due to its size. Both has a very gradual lift/ speed slope so you can keep your feet in place at a range of speeds. The carbon mast is more reactive and a bit lighter for more responsive riding.

The F4 Wing Lightwind Foil includes:

  • 90cm carbon plate mast or 85cm aluminum mast
  • 2500 or 2000 sq cm front wing
  • 70 cm fuselage
  • 340 sq cm rear wing
  • Recommended wing size: 5m and above
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2022 F4 Wing Lightwind Foil...

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